Real estate and development

Sales of immovable property, apartments, and cooperative units, real estate agent fees, reservation deposits returns, unwarranted termination of lease, settlement of co-owners disagreements, circumventing of company immovable property expropriation, reservation contracts, real estate defects and untruthful assertions, restitutions, undue inclusion of real property to insolvency proceeding, easements and their invalidation, pledges and determination of their unjustifiability, privatization of municipal dwellings and unjust enrichment while continuing usage of it, real property investments, evictions

Business companies

Formations, registrations, modifications, increase and decrease of share capital, merges and acquisitions (including international), disposals of shares, liquidations, shareholder and liquidator exclusions and dismissals, managing director recalls, minority shareholder squeeze-offs and settlements

Personal rights

Damages to reputation and credibility, defamations, slanders, false indictments, dehonesting newspaper articles, protection of other personal rights

Intangible property

Co-production contracts, license agreements for copyright works, database licenses, aviation map licenses, know-how transfer contracts, implementing agreements, publishing contracts, software creation agreements, license agreements, disputes concerning domain names, E-commerce, terms and conditions, licensing arrangements, databases, IT start-up projects

Employers and employees

Compensations for damages, competitive clauses, nullity of employee dismissal, competitive activity of employees, unpaid wages, severance pay, failure to return work equipment, compensations for industrial accidents, invalid employment relationship of managing director, credit sheets and work assessments


Insurance terms and conditions, damages claims against insurance brokers, clients’ insurance claims against insurers, insurance intermediaries contracts, dispute between insurers, legal opinions for insurance companies, etc.

Energy sector

Compensation for damages, defects on electric equipment, unauthorized ("black") electricity usage

Development and Construction

Contracts to make up work, work defects disputes, retained works, withdrawal from contracts, land transfer prohibitions, work price recovery

Creditors and Debt Recovery

Credit contracts, loan contracts, pledge agreements, promissory notes, reinsuring transfer of rights, debt recovery

Neighborhood disputes

Property boundaries determination, buildings removal, property withholding, etc.

Consumer rights and disputes

Complaints, consumer credit loan, withdrawal from contracts (financial services, online trading), contractual penalties, defects of products (of apartments, vehicles, computers, medical equipment, watches, etc.), misleading investor by improper advice, investment and insurance brokers

Family relations

Joint property of spouses, alimony, divorces and separations, child care and contact with children, paternity determinations

Home-owner-units Associations

Property evictions, resolution invalidations, contribution for funds recovery, voidability of transfers, owner declarations

Transportation, forwarding and logistics

Shipping issues, consignment losses, damages to cargo

Business dealership

Framework contracts for supply, contracts on distribution, franchises, commissions, terminations and dismissals

Personal health and injuries

On ski, at work, in transport, at building site, during car accident, by medical malpractice


Debt reliefs, claims of creditors, claim denials, insolvency administrators representation, claims for exclusion

Counseling to "debtors"

Consumer and bank credit, unfounded fines and fees, debtors database, negotiations with banks, failure to return tools, unwarranted billing for services (in telecommunication sector in particular), defense against unlawfull threats

Aviation sector

Damages compensations, contractual relationships, insurance, liability, intermediaries, licensing

Deposit safekeeping

In real estate transactions, of business shares, settlement of deposits

Trusts and offshores

Complex solution for property protection


Compensation of damages caused by wild animals and hunting, timber harvesting and tree maintenance, illegal waste disposal and water contamination

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