Real estate law and development law

Our experts have vast experience providing their clients advice and complex legal services in real estate and development law. Rentals, purchases, sales of and related negotiations regarding real property along with securing all related development matters belong to our regular operations. Additionally, we offer wide range of legal assistance in real estate as:

  • Due diligence of the real property intended to be acquired while avoiding existence of legal risks (property rights claims, third party entitlements restricting or excluding proper use by acquirer, etc.). Final summary report of the due diligence review summarizes every possibly recognizeble risk allowing the client to evaluate and include outcomes in transaction negotiations
  • Preparing / editing and negotiating sale contracts, contracts for donations, and other immovable-property-transferring contracts
  • Liaising attorney safe-keeping deposit and purchase price settlement
  • Providing complex service for real estate purchase financing including negotiating and editing contractual documents (loan agreement, pledge agreement, and other credit-protection agreements)
  • Completing Cadastral Register applications and process administering
  • Leading multifaceted negotiations and contract preparations for various real property business (easements, development rights, lease and tenancy schemes in particular)
  • Handling construction arrangements negotiations
  • Delivering building and constructional law consultancy, including legal counseling with obtaining land use and building permits and related matters

Corporate and commercial Law

Our lawyers are well-equipped corporate and business experts who provide assistance with all legal issues related to business and incorporation matters – including advise on:

  • Formation and registration of business companies
  • Alterations (mergers, divisions, etc.) and other companies modifications
  • Liquidations
  • Due Dilligence analysis before acquisitions – to exclude existence of legal risks associated with the transfer. Final summary report of the due diligence review summarizes every possibly recognizeble risk allowing the client to evaluate and include outcomes in transaction negotiations
  • Company shares transfers along with comprehensive service related to transactions and documentation
  • Business premises and undertakings transfers
  • Financing acquisition of company shares and premises (negotiating and editing related documents as loan agreements, pledge agreements, and other credit-protection agreements)
  • Advising with corporate legal operations (changes in statutory bodies, modification to memorandum and articles of association, general shareholders meetings, distribution of profits, etc.)

Intellectual property Law

  • Considerable agenda of your office concerns rights to intangible assets such as trademarks, industrial designs, patents, copyrights, know-how, good name and goodwill.
  • We advise clients who seek protection of intellectual property rights while establishing contractual relationships as well as clients who struggle defending their interests in the event of a violation.
  • We secure evaluation of intangible rights along with assessment of non-traditional types of losses (including loss of lease, clients and customers, etc.)

Contract Law

  • Our experts tirelessly assist with negotiating, drafting and finalizing all types of civil and commercial contracts. Significant emphasis is placed on client’s best interests which are safeguarded to secure comforting position in the given contractual relationship. Therefore, we actively participate on business negotiations while playing vital role in deal closure.

Family Law

Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive advice on all matters relating to family law and family issues. Negotiations with partner or ex-partner are easier with assistance and preparedness to find the right solution in any case. We especially counsel our clients on:

  • Pre-marital contracts
  • Marital property regime modifications (narrowing or extension of the joint property of spouses) and other matters relating to the property rights of spouses
  • Divorce process (whether disputed or undisputed), including the settlement of assets that are in joint property of spouses regime, and the issue of custody of the spouse’s children after the divorce
  • Childcare and custody to children

Criminal Law

We assist in all difficult situations related to criminal event of matters. Client’s most effective defence is assumed at all stages of criminal proceedings and for administrative offences to ensure most favorable outcome.

Additionally, our firm is dedicated to take over the legal representation of victims and help to protect their interests in criminal proceedings. Recovery and compensations are to be secured while fair punishment of the perpetrator shall be imposed.

Employment Law

Our lawyers advice both employees and employers on issues related to employment and labour law. Clients usually approach us with following needs:

  • Drafting or revising employment contracts, management contracts and other labour-formation documents
  • Terminating of the employment relationship (dismissal, mutual agreement, compensations, etc.)
  • Day-to-day business-related operations such as renumerations, leave, working conditions, and other employees rights including privacy
  • protection
  • Solving disputes arising between employers and employees, such as damages compensation, competitive clauses, severance pay, and similar

Claims recovery

We strive assisting clients who posses claim against debtors arising out of a business or other relationship to effectively and economically recover its most value. On the initial stage, our team aims to reach amicable solution and constructive negotiation with debtors to avoid further costs elevations. Additionally, we guide clients through court or arbitration proceeding to obtain payment order. Finally, advising in the enforcement process and in implementation of debt settlement instruments is provided such as with lien, pledge, promissory note, etc.

Tax and customs law

Significant changes in tax law and enforcement area caused increased a demand for first-class counseling on strategic business planning and management. Along arrived a need to tackle tax proceedings in front of authorities and customs administrations which often relates to uncertainties law interpretations. Our office gained experience and further specialization in dealing with:

  • Representation and problem solving related to tax administrations
  • Defence against tax execution and protective orders
  • Counseling before tax administrator inspections and tax audits
  • Ensuring mandatory tax registrations with local tax bodies
  • Processing applications for penalty payments and default interest waivers
  • Processing inquiries for tax penalties attributed to control reports
  • Protecting against tax authority inactivity, etc.


Our experts endeavor to help clients with all issues and problems the life brings. On top of those listed above we are zealous to advise in diverse areas of other laws and regulations. Please contact us in case of any question or request you may have to find most suitable solution of your situation.

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