Besides providing excellent legal service to the clients, our lawyers also regurarly publish in professional law journals and online blogs dedicated to solve various legal problems.


Among our most important publications belong:

Provisional measures in civil proceedings

The publication offers a systematic approach to preliminary injunctions and proceedings governed by the Czech Civil Proceedings Code and the Statute on Special Court Proceedings („OSŘ“ and „ZŘS“). It is the only Czech monography dealing with such debated and highly practical topic. A whole array of problematic questions connected to preliminary injunctions is controversial on both social and legal levels. Czech judicial decision-making considerably diverges in respect to particular issues, thus leaving stakeholders uncertain about the outcome whether or not the provisional measure is to be imposed. The aim of the work is to pose and answer fundamental questions of the „law of preliminary injunctions“. The work analyzes their functions and practicability pertaining to particular issues. Inspiration is drawn from historic developments and comparable jurisdictions especially from Germany and Austria. The publication intends to serve as a useful source for legal and judicial practice.

The Commentary on Czech Civil Proceedings Code

The Commentary deals with practical approach towards procedural norms and judicial orders. Vit Hrncirik as one of the authors analyzes judicial judgments and procedural decisions along with judicial orders for payments including European, electronic and promissory orders.

Publications in law journals

Our ublications in law journals:

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