Mgr. Vít Hrnčiřík, LL.M., Ph.D., attorney-at-law

  • is our Attorney-at-law registered with the Czech Bar Association since 2007 as a legal associate and with full membership since 2010. Vit graduated both Ph.D. programs in Theoretical Legal Sciences and M.A. program in Law and Legal Sciences at the Charles University School of Law. He also holds an LL.M. degree from the Universität Bayreuth in Germany
  • in his previous practical experience Vit worked with an international law firm while serving Czech and German-speaking clients
  • he gained professional knowledge at universities in Germany (Hamburg, Bayreuth), Austria (Innsbruck) and Ireland (Cork)
  • Vit delivers legal advice in Czech, German and English languages

Reference projects

Vít has excelled while providing his expertise, among others, in the following key projects:

  • providing industrial design protection in the field of gastronomy. Simultaneously preventing design deletion, initiating customs interventions and winning financial compensation for unfair competition and industrial property rights violations (similarly in a case relating to a water-heating-gas trade mark and building material patent)
  • Counseling and representing shareholders and joint-stock holders in general meeting annulment proceedings in the areas of real estate, agriculture and manufacturing industries (correspondingly in cases of home-unit-owners associations)
  • Advising on real estate legal disputes in connection with the land boundaries, communal areas, as well as easements and rental issues for developers and home-unit-owners
  • Achieving dismissals and aquitals of criminal accusations towards various clients, in particular from tax avoidance, DUIs, racketeering, property damage, theft, violations of fiduciary duties, misappropriation, fraud and insurance and subsidy fraud.
  • Advising on the acquisitions of multiple companies including architecture and design firms, development companies, and clothing enterprises
  • Securing compensation for health damage caused to a client due to malpractice at a hospital and another due to injury during construction works
  • Representing a publishing house and author in defending their article, concerning irregularities in public procurements and expert opinions
  • Successfully bringing a case of breach of imaging rights against a major national brewery on behalf of a performing artist and music star
  • Representing tenants and intermediaries against a shopping centers claim for a commission return
  • Counseling a client in a dispute over the validity of a transfer of real estate (related to insolvency proceedings and alleged creditor evasion), securing preliminary court orders
  • Drawing up legal documentation for a Liechtenstein insurance company and contracts regarding securities for an Austrian bank
  • Representing a client in a dispute for compensation against an unlawful ministerial decision and for inappropriate police conduct resulting in client’s injury


  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: +420 734 551 413

Mgr. Kryštof Kobeda, attorney-at-law

  • is our Attorney-at-law who has been registered within the Czech Bar Association as a legal associate since 2011 and has had full membership since 2016. Kryštof graduated the M.A. program in Law and Legal Sciences at Charles University School of Law
  • He practiced in international legal firms between 2011-2016
  • Kryštof provides legal services in Czech and English languages

Reference projects

Kryštof has excelled in providing expertise in key projects, such as:

  • Counselling on the sale of a world renowned and traditional steel company
  • Representing shopping centres in tenancy court disputes and arbitrations
  • Consulting an international freight company on its day-to-day business operations and representing it in court litigations and administrative proceedings
  • Advising a renowned international IT enterprise on its day-to-day business activities
  • Assisting an international development company with acquisition, expention and sale of development projects (residential, office and storage buildings)
  • Advising an international investor on the acquisition of a shopping centre
  • Representing a Dutch real estate investor in court litigation with former business partners in the Czech Republic
  • Supporting an international investor with the acquisition of a significant portfolio of retail outlets in the Czech Republic and large office parks in Prague, including the due diligence of acquired real estates and refinancing instruments
  • Representing a former football player in a litigation case with a premier league club concerning a financial settlement


  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: +420 732 230 529

Mgr. Petr Vít, legal and accounting advisor

  • Graduated at the Charles University School of Law
  • Petr specializes on non-profit organisation law, financial management, accountancy and taxation

Reference Projects

  • Setting up trust and off-shore structures, associations, foundations, covering also their modifications
  • Performing companies setups, merges and modifications, including arrangements of holding structures
  • Financial, tax and legal counseling
  • Serving as a lawyer, lecturer and consultant for The Foundation for Non-Profit [Nadace] and The Association for Public Interest Organisations Czech Republic [Asociace veřejně prospěšných organizací ČR]
  • Drafting new legislation for non-profit organizations
  • Long-term advising for the premier league football club

Arkadiusz Brach, attorney-at-law and Polish law expert

  • Graduated at the School of Law in Warsaw

Reference Projects

  • Forming and setting up companies in Poland
  • Performing Due Diligence under Polish law
  • Advising with preparatory, judicial and other legal proceedings, including those before administrative bodies
  • Assisting with preparations of tender documentation for Polish public bidders
  • Representing clients before courts, administrative authorities, as well as in cases before the law enforcement authorities in Poland
  • Debt collections in Poland
  • Retrieving damage claims in court proceedings, along with representing victims in insurance companies negotiations, in particular related to traffic accidents, occupational accidents, insurance contracts, and medical interventions

Ing. Tomáš Krůl, tax specialist

  • Graduated from the Prague School of Economics
  • Tax and tax administration expert

Reference Projects

  • Representing clients before tax authorities
  • Advising within tax administration disputes
  • Preventing tax executions and protective orders
  • Counseling before tax administrator inspections and tax audits
  • Ensuring mandatory tax registrations with local tax bodies
  • Processing applications for penalty payments and default interest waivers
  • Processing inquiries for tax penalties attributed to control reports
  • Protecting against tax authority inactivity, etc.

Mgr. Filip Šimák, LL.M., attorney-junior

  • graduated with Honors M.A. program in Law and Legal Sciences at the Masaryk University School of Law. He also reeceived LL.M. degree from the University of Oregon, United States as a Fulbright scholar. Filip is currently pursuing his PhD program at the environmental law department at the Charles University School of Law.
  • Is Attorney-Junior registered within the Czech Bar Association since 2013, American Bar Association and Oregon Bar Association since 2015
  • In his previous practice Filip excelled in international law firm in Prague while serving Czech and German-speaking clients and he also worked in an American law firm and served in a position of external lawyer for the development and environmental department of the city of Springfield, Oregon, United States. As being enthusiast in gaining international expertise, Filip worked as a legal consultant for agenda of the European Union environmental law and policy in Ankara, Turkey
  • Filip acquired diverse both professional and theoretical knowledge at universities in United Kingdom (Oxford), Norway (Oslo), Germany (Hamburg), and Lithuania (Vilnius)
  • Filip provides legal advice in all brands of law with specialization for environmental, development and building law and policy in Czech, German and English languages
  • Filip enjoyes all kinds of international cooperations while elevating intercultural dialog and understanding between nations

Reference Projects

  • Building and constructional law – preparing documentation for projects, representing participants to land use and building proceedings including developers, NIMBY’s cases and neighborhood disputes, green development – green buildings, alternative housing (f.e. tiny houses)
  • Environmental law - Environmental Due Dilligence, IPPC, green investment, credit and subsidies from the EU funds, renewable energies, protection of air, water and soil quality, brownfield redevelopment, protection of endangered species, environmental protection within development and constructions
  • Civil and commerce law – contracts and their modifications, real property, international trade and cooperation
  • Litigation - complex case handling and negotiating in front of courts and public authorities
  • Corporate law – incorporation and changes to companies in Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, USA, Ukraine), inter-company relations and third-party responsibility
  • Family law – joint property of spouses and property relations before and within marriage, divorces and alimony (dealing with complicated cases including “legal wars”), child care
  • Insolvency law – assisting clients in debt relief procedures including bankruptcy, support to creditors, cases against incolvency administrator
  • Employment law - employment disputes, working conditions and financial compensation, solving managing-director-employee issues
  • Insurance law – representing insurance companies’ clients, insurer’s responsibility towards Czech National Bank
  • Law of Associations – association registration, bylaws and relations within association and with third parties, defending members before unjust expulsion
  • Misscelaneous: complex legal service to run music festival
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